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I found this message recently on FB –
“Researchers Frei and Thurneysen evaluated rates of improvement and costs of care in 230 children with acute otitis media, treated with homeopathy versus placebo. They found that 72% of the children experienced less ear pain within 12 hours – with a high percentage better in just six hours. The rate of symptom improvement with homeopathy was 2.4 times faster than that in placebo controls.” (Frei H, Thurneysen A. “Homeopathy in Acute Otitis Media in Children: Treatment Effect or Spontaneous Resolution?” British Homeopathic Journal)

These are the sort of articles which just underline the importance of homeopathy as an alternative form of medicine for the whole family.
Particularly in children I have seen it again and again, that the correct remedy will help within minutes. My son used to suffer as a young child of quite violent earaches, usually accompanied by high fever. The throbbing pain came in waves, his right ear was bright red and hot; he would cry with the pain. The fever was a sure sign that his defence organism tried to fight the infection. The symptoms of the otitis media, the fever and the modalities all pointed to Belladonna. Commonly known as Deadly Nightshade, Belladonna is one of our outstanding remedies in acute inflammatory disease. Approximately 10 minutes after administering the first dose of the homeopathic remedy, he fell asleep, his breathing calmed down. Now sleep is a wonderful healer and we should never interrupt it to give anything else. When he woke a few hours later, the pain was considerably less and he felt slightly better. A sure sign that the remedy had started acting, hence no need for repetition. With a lot of TLC, frequent drinks of water with a splash of lemon juice, slowly introducing light food again, he made a full recovery within a couple of days.

Is one single dose really enough?
Often I get asked, if one single dose will be enough? Well, in homeopathy we understand the individual symptoms of our illness as the attempt of OUR organism to overcome the infection. By producing symptoms like inflammation, pain, fever, we are forced to slow down, rest, take notice of the disease (something, what adults often try to sweep under the carpet, as in our fast living society we cannot allow ourselves anymore to be ill – an error with consequences). These symptoms are the key to the necessary remedy, as only the correct remedy will have the desired effect to trigger the immune system. If we give the right remedy we will kickstart the organism and the healing will take place from within.
Why do children bounce back so quickly?
The speed of recovery depends on the strenght of our immune system. The stronger it is, the quicker we can heal; and children are usually quite healthy. We should re-learn to trust our ‘inner doctor’, as it is the way to naturally overcome dis-ease.
Important is the role of fever: it should never be suppressed, but understood as the first attempt to re-establish health – but this will be the topic of my next blog.
(This blog has been written as part of the I AM WOMAN 30 day blogging challenge)