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Elaine Godley-chemoblog-and beyond

To clear my Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I chose an integrated approach with lots of natural therapies and solutions that I’ve mentioned in previous blog postings.

At the end of October 2015, after just 6 chemo sessions, I received a clear scan.    To the horror and concern of my specialist, I declined further treatment and continued with my natural regime.  Today, I received a 2 minute phone call from my specialist telling me that my latest scan was also clear.  I was quietly confident but delighted to receive the confirmation call nonetheless.

When faced with the prognosis last July that I would be dead within a year, I reluctantly agreed to minimal chemotherapy.  If I’d followed medical guidance that required me to endure several months of treatment I would still have been be undergoing chemotherapy with the associated and increasingly rotten side effects and poor quality of life.


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Author: adhomeopath

Andrea Dell loves standing on her soapbox. As a Classical Homeopath she does this quite regularly. Passionate about Health from an alternative point of view, excluding as much as possible pharmaceutical drugs, she helps people of all ages to return to a state of health and well-being. Andrea sees patients in five busy clinics in Somerset and Wiltshire as well as nationally and internationally via Skype. She frequently holds talks on all sort of health related subjects from a homeopathic perspective and offers homeopathic workshops for parents. Becoming a Certified CEASE therapist gave Andrea the additional tools to work with persons on the Autistic Spectrum or patients suffering from drug induced chronic conditions. Andrea studied with Prof George Vithoulkas, the world’s leading homeopath and teacher. She continues her studies on a regular basis.

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